A Sunday Spring Morning

Margaret rises early
on a Sunday spring morning
to cut fresh flowers
in the first light

With worn hands
that worked the soil
and planted the bulbs
she arranges them in a vase

Not haphazardly
or without a thought
but with intention
she places each one

As she does
behind her breath
she honors
each one’s beauty

But it is not for her
and her alone
she arranges them
just so

For to church they’ll go
like a beloved companion
to sit in their own place
in the sanctuary

Folks arrive
and observe
the spring flowers
placed upon the Lord’s table

A witness themselves
to the Creator’s goodness
and a proclaimer
of the good news itself

For what more
can the preacher say
than the flowers
on the altar

Of the beauty and the love
which is bound to blossom
from the God in whom
all things are possible.

Note: Margaret Craighead was a faithful and beloved member of my wife Terry’s first congregation, the Old Auxvasse Nine Mile Presbyterian Church, located in Callaway County, Missouri.

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