The Landing Below

it is early autumn and change is in the air
as days shorten and leaves fall
I’m left with the questions of what to do and dare

sleep beckons in the sudden coolness of the night
to go and slip under covers
is the temptation before me to stay out of sight

yet while the light lingers I should rise and find the way
that takes me out and beyond
the place I can no longer stay

for the leaves tell a story real and true
that beauty is found
when the darkness descends before something new

where the fallen leaves gently lay
bright flowers will bloom tomorrow
beauty reborn in the newness of day

what beauty in me will fade with the night
so that something new can emerge
when the time is right

for an end is not the end but only a new beginning
the loss a part of what is becoming
as the Creator keeps the universe beautifully spinning

beauty is the seed within me that will grow
as I dare to let go in the lingering light
may I fear neither darkness nor the landing below

The Webbed World

in early dawn light
from within to without
one can see through
the kitchen window
to the webbed world outside

the intricate strands
in the motionless air
catch the light
and radiate so
I can see before and beyond

the builder is out of sight
away for the time yet near
still captured is my gaze
and my contemplation
of the wonder and the meaning of it all


I see now
through the glass more clearly
to the reality in the reality
that connects me
to the webbed world outside