Seek Serenity

“Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for him.”
Psalm 37:7

As I write I look out upon the serene snowy landscape outside my window. The snow appears gentle and light; the sunlight glistens off of the snowy surface; the winter wind moves tree branches and ornamental grasses. I know that it is bone-chilling cold out there, but, wow, is it beautiful! Such beauty helps to settle me, to quiet my soul.

The thesaurus lists the following synonyms for serenity—tranquility, calmness, peacefulness, quietness and stillness. It seems to me that these are the very things that many of us in our world today find lacking. We long for serenity, peace, claim and quiet. We long for a moment in which our minds and hearts are stilled and we can simply be—be at rest in God and in this world.

Serenity is both a moment that can unexpectedly come upon us—such as when I look out my window on a sunny winter’s day—and also a state of mind which we can create—such as when I reflect and pray. For me, I need a quiet space where I can read a short passage of Scripture or a devotional book. I need to be able to sit comfortably and breath slowly and deeply. I must deliberately center my mind on what I am reading and put away distractions. In short, I need to be fully present in the moment—aware of my own being and of the Eternal Being. I find that peace comes to me in such quiet spaces where and when I am open to both God’s presence and God’s word.

I invite you in the full mix of the chaos and craziness that is too often life in this world to stop; find a quiet space; and just be and listen. If you need a good recommendation of a book of the Bible or a devotional book to read let me know; I would be pleased to recommend. And when you pray let your heart speak to God. Do not overthink or worry about the words; instead, focus on the moment with God. Also, remain open to those marvelous, unexpected moments of serenity that will often simply show up. Be ready to see them and to fully experience them.

Remember that I pray for you—prayers for your peace.

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